This collection showcases the posters of nurse faculty who have completed Sigma's Experienced Nurse Faculty Leadership Academy. These posters were presented at Sigma's Biennial Conventions.

The Academy is designed for mid-career nursing faculty, with at least (7) seven years of full time employment in a teaching role, who wish to increase their leadership acumen and develop or increase the skill sets essential for success in a leadership role. For more information on this academy, please click here.

Recent Submissions

  • Promoting Nursing Honors Education Sustainability Through Best Practices 

    Wilson, Jennifer; Buckner, Ellen B.; Huston, Carol L. (2017-10-16)
    The challenges associated with quality nursing honors education are complex. This poster describes strategies employed by a nursing honors faculty team who developed a strategic plan to sustain the projected growth of a ...
  • Preparing Faculty to Advance the Science of Nursing Education 

    Welch, Susan; Valiga, Theresa M.; Nickitas, Donna M. (2017-10-16)
    A faculty development initiative, focusing on pedagogy, scholarship, and leadership, was created in a moderate-research-intensive university to help faculty expand their own education-focused scholarship and position the ...
  • Transition to a Student-Driven, Competency-Based Clinical Placement Model for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Education 

    Slaven-Lee, Pamela W.; Oermann, Marilyn; Nickitas, Donna M. (2017-10-16)
    Advanced practice registered nursing programs must ensure clinical placements meet regulatory requirements, thus minimizing student, clinical site, and institutional risk by stipulating responsibilities and liabilities of ...
  • A Global Healthcare Exchange: Building Relationships to Advance Nursing Excellence in Education and Practice 

    Peltz, Caroline M.; Schultz, Alyce A.; Tanicala, Martha L. (2017-10-16)
    Authentic leadership skills were instrumental in building a relationship between a nursing program in an under resourced country, a Midwest university, and a global health business. Opportunities for faculty and students ...
  • Faculty Development and Engagement in Curriculum Change 

    Page, Julianne B.; Carlson, Karen L.; Lockhart, Joan Such (2017-10-16)
    Curriculum review and revision is a faculty responsibility, but can be challenging. Online modules were developed to prepare faculty for upcoming curriculum change. Based on adult, active learning principles, the modules ...
  • Determining the Regional Need for a Master's Nursing Program 

    Hensel, Desiree; Halstead, Judith A.; Carlson, Karen L. (2017-10-13)
    As part of becoming a Regional Academic Health Center, Indiana University School of Nursing Bloomington conducted a needs assessment to determine directions for graduate education. Participants likely to remain in Southern ...
  • Development of a Campus-Based Clinic 

    Hart, Carolyn; Grigsby, Karen A.; Schultz, Alyce A. (2017-10-13)
    Campus-based health centers that address chronic illnesses, minor injuries, and behavioral health support are an essential component of student success. Because our small, liberal arts college is not able to meet health ...

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