• Evolution of an Empowerment Instrument 

      Sieloff, Christina (2018-01-23)
      Purpose:The purpose of this presentation is to detail the evolution of a reliable and valid instrument: the Sieloff-King Assessment of Work Team/Group Empowerment within Organizations (SKAWTGEO©). Rationale and Significance:The ...
    • Extensions of King: Measurable outcomes and expanded nursing process 

      Killeen, Mary B.
      This presentation provided a review of King Theoretical concepts and relevance to nursing outcomes thereby expanding the nursing process to include a theoretical foundation.
    • Imogene King for New Users 

      Whelton, Beverly J. (2018-01-29)
      This presentation is an overview of Imogene King's nursing theories.
    • Imogene M. King, RN, EdD, FAAN: Nurse Theorist and Nursing Leader 

      Killeen, Mary B.
      This presentation gives historical background of King's work and its relevance to nursing process and nursing outcomes
    • An Innovative EMS Healthcare Delivery System: A Program Development 

      Shanahan, Tonya (2018-01-23)
      Health care reform is a topic at the forefront of discussion between all disciplines of the health care community. Heart failure is commonly discussed within the medical community as a diagnosis that is commonly linked to ...
    • Killeen Theory of Patient Satisfaction with Nursing Care 

      Killeen, Mary B.
      King’s interacting systems framework guided the development of the Killeen theory of patient satisfaction. This theory of patient satisfaction, in turn, guided the development of an instrument, the KKPSN (the Killeen-King ...
    • Patient Perceptions of Nurse Listening Behaviors 

      Loos, Nancy (2017-12-06)
      The purpose of this proposed interpretive phenomenological study is to discover, describe, and interpret patient perceptions of nurse listening behaviors. Because nurse listening is linked to an enhanced patient experience ...

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