This community houses collections of articles from established nursing journals and books/book chapters from publishers committed to open access publishing. Each collection is devoted to a specific journal, nursing group/organization or publisher. All items contained within each collection comply with the original author, journal, and/or publisher requirements, and adhere to the original open access license agreement and stipulations when applicable.

Please check the collection homepage and item record for license and information details.

Disclaimer: Neither Sigma nor the Sigma Repository has any affiliation with the journals or publishers unless it has been specifically noted on the collection homepage and in the item entries.

Neither Sigma nor the Sigma Repository holds copyright to any of the items in the collections. Copyright remains vested in the author and/or original publisher of record according to the initial publication license and/or author agreement.

The contents of published materials in this community and collections do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this repository or the owner of this repository, Sigma.

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