• Treatment Trials - The Need for an End-of-life Policy 

      Wurzbach, Mary Ellen (10/9/2015)
      Currently, there is an epidemic of elders in nursing homes with swallowing difficulties, Alzheimer’s, and other maladies, which cause diminished decision-making capacity and initiate the discussion of whether to insert a ...
    • Moral Regret - The Experience of Breaches of a Nursing Ideal 

      Wurzbach, Mary Ellen (11/24/2015)
                  Recently, Johnstone and Hutchinson (2015) called for abandoning the construct of “moral distress”. For various reasons, they believe that too much attention is paid to it in the nursing literature, that the ...
    • Experiencing Moral Uncertainty in Practice 

      Wurzbach, Mary Ellen (11/4/2015)
      Within the past thirty years, ethical questions have come to the forefront of nursing practice.  Books on the subject of nursing ethics attest to the fact that nursing ethics as a subject distinct from medical ethics is ...

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