Here you will find research, educational, and evidence-based practice materials carried out by nurses with extensive knowledge in the aspects of ethics, law, and policy as they relate to the field of nursing and health care. This collection will disseminate materials of importance in all areas of nursing.

Topics that can be found within this collection may include, but are not limited to:

Codes of Conduct; Dignity in Death & End-of-Life Concerns (beneficence, nonmaleficence, autonomy and justice); Malpractice; Misconduct; Moral Standards; Patient Rights; Patient Safety Laws; Privacy Laws

Prior to an item’s inclusion in this collection it has been through a peer-review process conducted by experienced nursing researchers. The collection contains full-text submissions, some of which may be embargoed for a period of time to allow the author to pursue traditional publishing options.


If you are a nurse researcher interested in submitting an item to this collection, please contact the Repository Manager at

Items may have collaborating or joint authors. At least one of the authors must be a nurse and must be the submitter of the item.

Please visit the “Get Started” tab for additional information.

Recent Submissions

  • Moral Regret - The Experience of Breaches of a Nursing Ideal 

    Wurzbach, Mary Ellen (11/24/2015)
                Recently, Johnstone and Hutchinson (2015) called for abandoning the construct of “moral distress”. For various reasons, they believe that too much attention is paid to it in the nursing literature, that the ...
  • Experiencing Moral Uncertainty in Practice 

    Wurzbach, Mary Ellen (11/4/2015)
    Within the past thirty years, ethical questions have come to the forefront of nursing practice.  Books on the subject of nursing ethics attest to the fact that nursing ethics as a subject distinct from medical ethics is ...
  • Treatment Trials - The Need for an End-of-life Policy 

    Wurzbach, Mary Ellen (10/9/2015)
    Currently, there is an epidemic of elders in nursing homes with swallowing difficulties, Alzheimer’s, and other maladies, which cause diminished decision-making capacity and initiate the discussion of whether to insert a ...

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