• "Amyong, Anito at Usag": Patterns of Health Belief Among Aetas of Nabuclod Pampanga 

      Martinez, Rudolf Cymorr Kirby P. (12/21/2017)
      This study, grounded on focused ethnography, explored the cultural patterns among Aetas of Nabuclod Pampanga specifically zeroing in on those practices that directly and indirectly affect the health of community members. ...
    • Assessment of Level 3 and Level 4 NI Competencies Tool Development 

      McGonigle, Dee; Hunter, Kathleen M.; Hebda, Toni; Hill, Taryn Lynne (3/22/2018)
      Aim: To develop a reliable and valid instrument for self-assessment of perceived level 3 informatics specialist and level 4 informatics innovator competencies in selected informatics activities.
    • Epilepsy: A Case Study 

      Martinez, Rudolf Cymorr Kirby P. (12/11/2017)
      This presents an analysis of a case of Right Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in terms of possible etiology, pathophysiology, drug analysis and nursing care
    • Exercise and Hospitalized Leukemia Patients 

      Delengowski, Anne; O'Connor, Justine; Stinsman, Megan; McHenry, Kate; Mostak, Kaitlin; Silcox, JoAnn; Sweeney, Colleen; Muldoon, Christine; Gilbride, Lauren (12/14/2015)
      Purposes: To determine if patients in a structured, monitored walking program experience less symptom distress than patients receiving the usual standard of care. Background/Significance: Cancer and its treatments are ...
    • How to Write a Literature Review 

      Rice, Robyn A. (9/22/2017)
      A literature review is a critical analysis of the relationships among different research based works that relate to your topic of interest.  When you undertake a literature review you identify a research question(s) and ...
    • IMRaD Structure in Qualitative Research Reporting 

      Martinez, Rudolf Cymorr Kirby P. (2017-12-07)
      This paper presents a proposed content in IMRaD structure, APA formatted qualitative research papers
    • Infusing Quality and Safety Education for Nurses into Your Curriculum: A Workshop Funded by a grant from The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 

      Altmiller, Gerry; Armstrong, Gail; Durham, Carol; Kenner, Carole (3/22/2017)
      The QSEN Competencies include implementation of quality improvement strategies, evidence-based practice, patient safety, integration of informatics into patient care and health management, patient centeredness in care ...
    • Ischemic Stroke: A Case Study 

      Martinez, Rudolf Cymorr Kirby P. (12/7/2017)
      This presents an analysis of a case of Ischemic stroke in terms of possible etiology, pathophysiology, drug analysis and nursing care
    • “Life in Paradox”: Experiences of Young Adult Stroke Survivors 

      Martinez, Rudolf Cymorr Kirby P.; Macuja, Migliore Hadeel; Manzo, Paul Remson; Bujawe, Sarah Jane; De Guzman, Joben William; Dupet, Jian Marco; Caoagas, Jan Joelle (2/8/2018)
      This study, rooted on phenomenological approach, explored the experiences of post-stoke young adults. Seven (7) participants were gathered as co-researchers and were selected thoroughly based on the following criteria: 1) ...
    • Quality in Qualitative Research 

      Martinez, Rudolf Cymorr Kirby P. (2017-12-07)
      This presentation outlines how rigor can be ascertained in the conduct of a qualitative research. It first gives an overview of the nature of qualitative inquiry then tackles the varying meaning and methods of appreciating ...
    • The Role of Nurses in an Interdisciplinary Care Team responding to Mass Fatality Disasters: Promoting Equity and Access to Care 

      Hassmiller, Susan B; Adams, Lavonne M.; Weeks, Susan Mace (12/19/2014)
      The majority of individuals cared for by international relief organizations responding to multi-fatality disasters are those with limited access to care; therefore, human care inequities are frequently apparent.  This ...

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