• Association between burnout, DNA methylation, and work environment among interprofessional clinical and non-clinical staff 

      Kim, Linda Y.; Xu, Wenrui; Aronow, Harriet; Manoukian, Mana; Coleman, Bernice
      Purpose: About 35-54% of nurses and physicians in the U.S. suffer from burnout. Currently, there is a lack of an objective biologic measure of burnout. This study will assess the feasibility of using DNA methylation (DNAm) ...
    • Transgender Individuals and Osteoporosis Prevention 

      Sedlak, Carol A.; Roller, Cynthia G.; van Dulmen, Manfred H. M.; Alharbi, Momood A.; Sanata, Jessica D.; Leifson, Marci A.; Veney, Amy J.; Alhawatmeh, Hossam; Doheny, Margaret O'Bryan (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2017-07)
      BACKGROUND: Risk behaviors and hormone use place transgender individuals (TIs) in jeopardy for osteoporosis. PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to expand the science about the knowledge, health beliefs, and osteoporosis ...

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