This collection houses materials submitted by students pursuing degrees in the field of nursing (BSN and above). It excludes traditionally formatted, completed and defended theses and dissertations which are found in their own collections within this repository.

Submissions to this collection may be prompted by schools of nursing who have indicated a desire to participate in this repository as a group, but have not completed the necessary probationary period for their own collection, do not desire their own collection, or have let an existing collection remain dormant for a one-year period.

Copyright to items in this collection remains vested in the author or original copyright holder if otherwise indicated in the item record.

The submissions do not undergo peer-review prior to posting in this repository. They may undergo secondary faculty approval (i.e., materials selected by faculty as appropriate for showcasing in the repository), or they may rely on the reputation of the degree granting institution (i.e., materials submitted by students interested in open access dissemination). Acquisition and vetting types will be clearly noted in each item record.

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