• Educational strategies to enhance medication knowledge 

      Kite, Shelby; Obert, Katelyn; Powell, Cortney; Shaw, Abi
      The implementation of additional educational strategies to undergraduate nursing curriculum may contribute to more knowledgeable and safe graduating nurses, leading to less medication errors.
    • Efficacy of massage in the chronic pain population 

      Collier, Hannah; Hobbs, Amelia; McPherson, Maria
      How effectively is massage therapy used for chronic pain control in comparison to pharmacological measures? P- Pain control for individuals with chronic pain I- Message Therapy C- Pharmacological use O- Improved pain ...
    • Fish skin for wound healing 

      Dahl, Melissa; Hull, Lauren; Koger, Marcus
      For patients with impaired wound healing, the use of fish skin grafting may provide a faster and higher quality healing than standard dressing care. P-Patients with impaired wound healing. I-Application of fish skin grafts. ...
    • Impact of animal facilitated therapy on inpatient outcomes 

      Arras, Hannah; Biessman, Gretchen; Hubbert, Kaitlin
      The use of Animal Facilitated Therapy (AFT) in an inpatient setting improves overall patient outcomes. P- Inpatient stress, Anxiety, Rehabilitation I- Animal Facilitated Therapy C- The use of Animal Facilitated Therapy ...
    • NPO length prior to surgery 

      Ellis, Lynley; Huckstep, Christy; Smith, Kayce; Tangerose, Andrea
      What is the effect of NPO length of duration prior to surgery on gastrointestinal motility and patient satisfaction post op? P-Post Operative Population I-Shorter NPO times C-NPO of 8hrs vs NPO of O-Greater patient ...
    • Pediatric benefits of animal assisted therapy 

      Boschert, Megan; Hardy, Andrew; Morford, Cameron
      For pediatric patients, animal assisted therapy (AAT) may be a more effective method to improve overall wellbeing, including stress, fear, and anxiety, than standard or pharmaceutical methods.
    • Privacy, please 

      Calvin, Sarah; Lascelles, Maggie
      The PICO question for this literature review is: Are single occupancy rooms cost effective in reducing overall nosocomial infection rates in adult patients in comparison to double occupancy rooms?  
    • Say “NO” to nosocomials: Clostridium difficile 

      Bonds, Peyton; McDaniel, Gavin; Vahle, Madelyn; Winters, Alisha
      For acutely hospitalized patients, the concurrent use of probiotics of various strains may decrease the incidence of Clostridium difficile (C. diff) cases compared to antibiotic administration alone. P – Patients receiving ...

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