• Alternative birthing positions 

      Mckay, Jordan; Ebers, Chloe; Gebheim, Amanda
      In laboring women delivery in the hospital, how does the lithotomy position compared to alternative birthing positions effect postpartum and/or neonatal trauma?
    • Animal-assisted therapy in health-care facilities 

      Disseler, Jenna; Milazzo, Haley; Moore, Abbey
      How does the use of animal-assisted therapy compared to the lack of animal-assisted therapy affect the psychological well being of all patients?
    • Can we get your number? (Your blood glucose number) 

      Holloway, Marie; Goings, Jennifer; Olson, Jessica
      Providing nursing students glucometer training and access to obtain patient blood sugars (BS).  Students will obtain accrate BS checks and deliver insulin in a timely manner.
    • Caring cupboard II: Revamped 

      Boschert, Megan; Hardy, Andrew; Morford, Cameron
      The purpose of this project is the movement of Caring Cupboard (CC) to increase student use/decrease food insecurity.
    • Controlled labor pain and postpartum depression 

      Crane, Erin; Thomas, Precious
      The purpose of this project is to answer the question: In postpartum women, what is the effect of analgesics during labor versus no analgesics during labor and being diagnosed with postpartum depression?
    • Effect of CAM therapy in chemo therapy patients in comparison to Western medicine 

      Little, Zoey; Porterfield, Margaret; Rueter, Amalia
      The purpose of this project is to show that in chemotherapy patients, CAM therapies minimize the side effects of chemotherapy compared to Western medicine.
    • Effects of prone position 

      Hermann, Audrey; Hamilton, Payton; Zahn, Chelsea
      In COVID-19 patients, how does prone positioning compare to a posterior position affect oxygenation? P: Patients that were diagnosed with COVID-19 or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. I: Mechanically ventilating ...
    • Efficacy of massage in the chronic pain population 

      Collier, Hannah; Hobbs, Amelia; McPherson, Maria
      How effectively is massage therapy used for chronic pain control in comparison to pharmacological measures? P- Pain control for individuals with chronic pain I- Message Therapy C- Pharmacological use O- Improved pain ...
    • Embarking in animal activities 

      Milazzo, Haley; Disseler, Jenna; Moore, Abbey; Todd, Kendra
      Reimplement the use of Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) at Blessing Hospital (BH) and raise awareness.
    • #EmpowerURself 

      Bakalyar, Jenny; Garcha, Supreet; Kramer, Sarah; Oboh, Patience
      This poster describes a project to create a co-op website for adolescents with sexual, mental, and physical health resources in Adams County, Illinois.
    • Exercise for the reduction of pain in adults & older adults with arthritis 

      Goings, Jennifer; Luther, Sarah; Smith, Sydney
      In adults and older adults with arthritis, how does exercise compared to no exercise affect chronic pain?
    • The female athlete triad 

      Anderson, Paige; Autry, Emilee; Vaughn, Emma
      Are female athletes who have developed the female athlete triad, compared to those without the female athlete triad, at more of a risk for developing injuries throughout their career?
    • Finger pricking good 

      Bunn, Konnar; Davis, Miranda; Thomas, Hannah
      The purpose of this projects is to allow Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing & Health Sciences (BRCN) nursing students the opportunity to use glucometers in the clinical setting.
    • Fish skin for wound healing 

      Dahl, Melissa; Hull, Lauren; Koger, Marcus
      For patients with impaired wound healing, the use of fish skin grafting may provide a faster and higher quality healing than standard dressing care. P-Patients with impaired wound healing. I-Application of fish skin grafts. ...
    • Fueling for success 

      Autry, Emilee; Anderson, Paige; Vaughn, Emma
      Female athletes at Quincy University (QU) lack education regarding the Female Athlete Triad (the Triad) and proper nutrition.
    • The Hankins-Lee project 

      Mitchell, Melinda
      The purpose of this project is to reduce nosocomial infections by performing a surgical scrub prior to central-line dressing changes and port access.
    • Hungry for a change 

      Elliott, Victoria; Thompson, Natiaya; Waddell, Jack
      This project describes the implementation of a 2-item screening tool to identify patients who are at risk of food insecurity on pilot unit at Blessing Hospital.
    • Impact of animal facilitated therapy on inpatient outcomes 

      Arras, Hannah; Biessman, Gretchen; Hubbert, Kaitlin
      The use of Animal Facilitated Therapy (AFT) in an inpatient setting improves overall patient outcomes. P- Inpatient stress, Anxiety, Rehabilitation I- Animal Facilitated Therapy C- The use of Animal Facilitated Therapy ...
    • In the know with Kaplan 

      Griesbaum, Emrielle; Baltimore, Alyssa; Churchwell, Carson; Parker, Lindsay; Patel, Dimple
      Provide awareness of Kaplan resources to BRCN students.
    • Let's be practical now 

      McKay, Jordan; Price, Amber; Turner, Chloe
      Provide the opportunity for qualifying BRCN students to test for IL LPN state licensure after junior year to improve staffing ratios and patient outcomes.

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