• Advance the talk with advanced directives 

      Bickhaus, Ashley Marie; Henderson, Brittany; McCollum, Dusty; Thrower, Brittney
      This student senior project poster seeks to improve patient knowledge about advanced directives.
    • Attire for hire 

      Allison, Jessica; Arndt, Sydney; Sharpe, Carley
      This poster outlines a project to provide Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing and Health Sciences students with professional attire due to lack of resources.
    • Communication is key! 

      Havermale, Ashley; Hoffman, Breanna; Ramsey, Mariah
      Implementation of mobile communication device for senior leadership students during clinical time to enhance communication between the students and other health care providers.
    • A dog a day keeps the stress away 

      Biessman, Gretchen; Arras, Hannah; Hubbert, Kaitlin; Dahl, Melissa
      Decrease stress in healthcare staff, increase staff satisfaction and retention at Blessing Hospital with implementation of Pet Therapy Program.
    • Finding comfort in colors 

      Atkinson, Shannon; Ellis, Lynley; Rocco, Hayley; Smith, Kayce
      Implementation of environmental color changes to boost mood and improve mental health in children and adolescent patients on the Child and Adolescent Services psychiatric unit at Blessing Hospital.
    • Flash ordering: Improving patient outcomes 

      Lee, Joumi; Nwakile, Chinwe; Puma, Jessica; Walker, Krista
      At Blessing Hospital, nurses are kept on hold when calling to order food for patients who cannot order for themselves resulting in waste of time and delays in patient care.
    • Get your sheets together 

      Haerr, Jennifer; Hull, Lauren; Miller, Kayla
      Not all Medical-Surgical units at Blessing Hospital have a soiled linen containment system. Containing soiled linens prevents the spread of infection and maintains a health environment for patients and staff.
    • Good sleep for good health 

      Gronewold, Michaela; Killday, Brooke; Smith, Brook
      At Blessing Hospital, patients are not getting an adequate amount of sleep, thus inhibiting positive patient outcomes.
    • Marco...Polo: Real time location 

      Hirsch, Mady; Kite, Emily; McDonald, Kerigan; Zanger, Abbi
      Implementation of Real-Time Location Systems for senior leadership nursing students. Real-Time Location Systems help locate students and ensure safety.
    • NPO length prior to surgery 

      Ellis, Lynley; Huckstep, Christy; Smith, Kayce; Tangerose, Andrea
      What is the effect of NPO length of duration prior to surgery on gastrointestinal motility and patient satisfaction post op? P-Post Operative Population I-Shorter NPO times C-NPO of 8hrs vs NPO of O-Greater patient ...

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