• Guidelines for Authorship Attribution and Citation in the Dissemination of Scholarly Work 

      O'Lynn, Chad E.; Rice, Robyn A.; Bridgers, Susan; Crouch, Suzanne J.; Phillips, Candice (2018-02-07)
      Confusion may arise when determining how to properly credit authorship of scholarly work when the work was conducted by multiple individuals. Unfortunately, there is no consensus among disciplines, journals, publication ...
    • How to Write a Literature Review 

      Rice, Robyn A. (9/22/2017)
      A literature review is a critical analysis of the relationships among different research based works that relate to your topic of interest.  When you undertake a literature review you identify a research question(s) and ...
    • IMRaD Structure in Qualitative Research Reporting 

      Martinez, Rudolf Cymorr Kirby P. (2017-12-07)
      This paper presents a proposed content in IMRaD structure, APA formatted qualitative research papers

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