• Case Study - Pigs for Peace 

      Glass, Nancy E. (2017-11-29)
      Institute of Global Healthcare Leadership, Emerging Global Health Leaders Institute
    • Down Home: An Ethnography About Community Process and Health of Older Persons in a Rural Setting 

      Craig, Carol A.
      The purpose of this study was to understand how rural-dwelling elderly people describe their health and to gain an understanding of rural community processes as they relate to the health of older residents. Although community ...
    • Health-promoting Behaviors of the Rural Well Older Adult 

      Newberry, Shirley May
      One of the greatest challenges facing nursing in the future will be promoting wellness among the increasing number of older adults, many of whom live in rural areas where they are isolated from access to medical facilities ...
    • Nurse Residency Program Pilot 

      Dewey, Lori; Barnes, Barbara (2018-05-14)
      Purpose: Nurse Residency programs (NRPs) have shown great promise in helping to transition the new RN to the role of a practicing nurse. This document describes the development of a nurse residency program pilot (NRPP) at ...

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