• Alcohol and School Violence in High School Students 

      Facundo, Francisco Rafael Guzman; Rodriguez, Lucio; Alonso-Castillo, Maria Magdalena; Garcia, Karla Selene Lopez (2016-03-21)
      Session presented on Monday, November 9, 2015 and Tuesday, November 10, 2015: Introduction: The consumption of alcohol is a serious public health problem in Mexico. Segments of the population most vulnerable to experience ...
    • Be Sigma, be leader 

      Chale-Pool, George Williams
      The purpose of the Nightingale Challenge is to help develop the next generation of young nurses and midwives as leaders, practitioners, and advocates in health, and to demonstrate that nursing and midwifery are exciting ...
    • Bio-psycho-social and situational factors related to the sexuality of Mexican elderlies 

      Hernandez-Soberon, Julio Cesar; Obregon, Reyna Torres; Esparza-Gonzalez, Sandra Cecilia; Carrillo-Cervantes, Ana Laura Sr.
      The present investigation has as a purpose to describe the relationship of the bio-psycho-social and situational factors and the sexuality of elderlies in Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico, to identifying implications for the ...
    • Building Mexico-U.S. Academic Partnerships: Bridging Cultures and Breaking Barriers 

      Valverde, Juana Mercedes Gutierrez; Huerta, Carolina (2016-03-21)
      Session presented on Monday, November 9, 2015 and Tuesday, November 10, 2015: Knowledge of global health care is considered an essential component of nursing in the 21 st century. One avenue to impart this knowledge to ...
    • Care ability, attitudes toward dementia and social support in informal care givers of elderly 

      Ojeda-Huitron, Emma Yazmin; Carrillo-Cervantes, Ana Laura Sr.; Villarreal-Reyna, Maria de los Angeles; Sifuentes-Leura, Daniel
      Caring for the elderly with dementia means the family dynamics will be altered, specially of the informal care givers; They must face responsibilities without having the ability to care and therefore attitudes tend to be ...
    • Characteristics and quality of gait in older adults living in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and Lima, Peru 

      Villarreal-Reyna, Maria de los Angeles; Delabra-Salinas, Maria Magdalena; Carhuapoma-Acosta, Mistral; Zuniga-Chura, Elena; Garcia-Meza, Wendy; Carrillo-Cervantes, Ana Laura Sr.; Silva-Fhon, Jack Roberto (2014-11-17)
      Session presented on Sunday, July 27, 2014: Purpose: To compare the characteristics and quality of gait in older adults living in the metropolitan area of Saltillo, Coahuila. Mexico and Lima, Peru. Methods: Descriptive ...
    • Cognitive Reserve and Memory Compensation Strategies in Mexican Older Adults 

      Chavez, Claudia Jennifer Dominguez; Hernandez, Perla Lizeth; Gonzalez, Bertha Cecilia Salazar (2017-10-25)
      Description of memory compensation strategies used by a sample of older adults in relation to their cognitive reserve (years of education, working activties, and leisure activities).
    • Comparison of the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes in mining and administrative workers 

      Andrade, Ma. Teresa Pratz Sr.; Villegas, Sandra Lizeth Perez (2018-06-18)
      A comparison is made of the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in administrative and mining workers, where the contexts of each area are described and how they influence the development of chronic diseases.
    • Contextual factors associated to the self -transcendence in the Mexican elderly 

      Izaguirre, Gnalen Kourouma; Obregon, Reyna Torres; Cortes-Montelongo, Diana Berenice
      Elderly persons frequently look for the self-transcendence to make sense of their own existence, this has direct effects on the well-being and other aspects, and they are contextual factors correlated to said self-transcendence. ...
    • Correlation between the cognitive, functional and physical abilities of the elderly packing service 

      Mendoza, Alejandra Leija; Villarreal-Reyna, Maria de los Angeles; Carrillo-Cervantes, Ana Laura Sr.; Magallanes-Monrreal, Martha Alicia; Cruz-Quevedo, Juana Edith; Delabra-Salinas, Maria Magdalena (2016-03-17)
      Session presented on Friday, July 24, 2015: Purpose: To assess the correlation between the cognitive, functional and physical abilities of packer elderly volunteer in two commercial brands at Saltillo, Coahuila Methods: ...
    • Depression, cognitive impairment and functional dependence in older adults, users of a geriatric center in Saltillo, Mexico 

      Villarreal-Reyna, Maria de los Angeles; Carrillo-Cervantes, Ana Laura Sr.; Rodriguez-Flores, Deyanira; Delabra-Salinas, Maria Magdalena; Magallanes-Monrreal, Martha Alicia (2016-03-17)
      Session presented on Sunday, July 26, 2015: Purpose: To determine the prevalence and relationship of depression, cognitive impairment and functional dependence in older adults users of a Geriatric Center in the city of ...
    • Educational intervention for improving self-management in low-income Mexican people with type 2 diabetes 

      Compean-Ortiz, Lidia G.; Aguilera, Paulina; Berry, Diane C.; Del Angel, Beatriz; Rivera-Perez, Jose (2017-10-05)
      This is an ongoing project part of the PH-LEADER program 2015-2016, and recently got a Small Grant from Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. The main objective is to test the feasibility of an educational ...
    • Educational program for parents on sexual communication in vulnerable population 

      Márquez-Vega, María Aracely
      To know about effective interventions aimed at improving communication about sex issues between father and adolescent children in order to prevent sexual risk behaviors. The results of these interventions have shown greater ...
    • Effect of a Multidisciplinary Intervention to Reduce Rates of Overweight and Obesity in School-Aged Children of Tabasco, Mexico 

      Rivas-Acuna, Valentina; Garcia, Maria Isabel Avalos; Garcia-Falconi, Renan; Serrano, Amalia Martinez; Gurrola, Oswaldo Ceballos (2016-03-17)
      Session presented on Sunday, July 26, 2015: Purpose: To assess the effect of a multidisciplinary intervention to reduce rates of overweight and obesity in school-aged children of Tabasco, Mexico. Methods: A quasi-experimental ...
    • The effect of social, family and individual conditioning factors on self-care agency and self-care of adult Mexican women 

      Gallegos, Esther C.
      The purpose of this research was to test the theoretical relationships between the self-care agency (SCA) and self-care (SC); and the influence of selected basic conditioning factors (BCFs) on women's self-care agency, and ...
    • Effectiveness of visual inspection with acetic acid in the detection of cervical neoplasia intraepithelial 

      Briones, Nancy Griselda Perez; Hernandez, Kerena; Vargas, Raul Adrian Castillo; Alvarez, Mireya del Carmen Gonzalez; Morales, Alejandra Munoz; Rivera, Abigahil Valdes (2017-06-22)
      Introduction: In Mexico every two hours a woman dies of Cervical Cancer, it`s the second leading cause of death from malignancies, and it is estimated that about 4, 000 deaths occur every year. Currently to reduce the ...
    • Emotional and sexual health on informal caregivers of older adults in condition of functional dependency 

      Rodriguez-Hernandez, Zaida Lorena; Villarreal-Reyna, Maria de los Angeles; Carrillo-Cervantes, Ana Laura Sr.; Esparza-Gonzalez, Sandra Cecilia; Obregon, Reyna Torres
      Informal caregivers don't receive any kind of clinical assistance, especially the female population who are mainly the ones who deliver the cares. They forget their own cares and privacy, deteriorating their emotional ...
    • Factors That Explain the Contraceptive Behavior of the Couple 

      Flores-Arias, Luisa; Vital-Ornelas, Vianney Montserrat
      The aim is to understand the factors that intervene in the decision of the couple about the use or not of family planning methods, in order to reduce preventable maternal deaths. We wish to share our results in order to ...
    • Falls in the elderly and its relationship with the characteristics of the foot 

      Trujillo-Hernandez, Pedro Enrique; Esparza-Gonzalez, Sandra Cecilia; Villarreal-Reyna, Maria de los Angeles; Vargas, Raul Adrian Castillo (2017-10-06)
      The falls in the elderly are one of the main geriatric syndromes, due to their high prevalence and an important health problem, due to the high number of complications, incapacity and even death of the elderly. Its importance ...
    • Family and Alcohol Consumption in University Students 

      Garcia, Nora Angelica Armendariz; Alonso-Castillo, Maria Magdalena; Castillo, Bertha Alicia Alonso; Castillo, Maria Teresa de Jesus Alonso; Garcia, Karla Selene Lopez; Almanza, Santiaga Enriqueta Esparza (2016-03-21)
      Session presented on Saturday, November 7, 2015 and Sunday, November 8, 2015: Alcohol consumption is considered a public health problem due to the high use prevalence, mortality and mental disorders associated to this, ...

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