• Adolescents and Social Media Safety: A Guide for Nurse Practitioners 

      Yarber, Lee Crowley
      This literature review examines evidence on online social media and networking safety among adolescents. Recommendations for how Nurse Practitioners can meet AAP recommendations for addressing these risks with parent ...
    • Applying Caring Theory Guided Leadership to Inspire, and Improve Quality 

      Goldin, Marlienne (2016-03-21)
      Session presented on Sunday, November 8, 2015: Objective: To demonstrate how Caring Theory guided leadership can improve staff satisfaction and patient outcomes. Key Words: caring, caritas, staff satisfaction, quality ...
    • Barriers to prenatal care in low-income women 

      Lewallen, Lynne Porter
      The purposes of this study were to: investigate barriers to prenatal care, both structural and psychosocial; test the Pender Health Promotion Model and the Triandis Model of Social Behavior to determine their effectiveness ...
    • Building self-care competencies for stress management in nursing students 

      Fields, Jenny; Moore, Katherine
      The health and wellness of college students continues to be a growing concern. In 2018, the American College Health Association found 59% of college students report feeling high levels of stress in the past 12 months. ...
    • Clinical Evaluation of Competence: What Are We Measuring? 

      Van Horn, Elizabeth R.; Lewallen, Lynne Porter (2018-03-26)
      The state of the science evaluating competence in clinical nursing education will be presented. This review of research studies will include measured components of competence, instrument properties, and evaluation methods. ...
    • Clinical Practice Characteristics of Nurse Practitioners Managing the Care of Older Adults 

      Kennedy-Malone, Laurie; Shaughnessy, Marianne (2017-07-24)
      Purpose: A national survey of nurse practitioners (NP) who manage the care of older adults in the United States was conducted to determine the practice characteristics in terms of engagement in professional activities and ...
    • Congruence in clinical evaluation in nursing education 

      Van Horn, Elizabeth R.; Lewallen, Lynne Porter
      Many people are involved in nursing student clinical evaluation, including students, preceptors, and clinical nursing faculty. This presentation will analyze research on the congruence among different evaluators. Implications ...
    • Cricoid Pressure During Intubation: Review of Research and Survey of Nurse Anesthetists 

      Lalli, Tania A.; Reiker, Michael; Kautz, Donald D. (2017-10-25)
      This project assessed the knowledge of certified registered nurse anesthetists and student registered nurse anesthetists at a Premier Clinical Research University Medical Center regarding the effectiveness, value, and ...
    • Developing a Framework for Faculty Global Scholarship 

      Tuck, Inez (2017-07-11)
      Global health is a strategic initiative for the nursing program and the institute where I serve as Dean. Faculty are actively engaged in a number of global projects including participating in mission trips, providing ...
    • Exploration of competence in new graduate nurses 

      Van Horn, Elizabeth; Lewallen, Lynne
      The primary goal of nursing education programs is to graduate competent novices who are ready to begin their nursing careers. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to know how the employers of new graduates define competence. ...
    • Exploration of RN to BSN students intent for faculty role 

      VanRiel, Yolanda M.; Gazza, Elizabeth A.; Phillips, Beth Cusatis
      Aim: The aim of this qualitative study was to explore the factors that RN to BSN students’ intent to become nursing faculty. Background: The nursing faculty shortage is predicted to worsen as faculty members reach ...
    • Hand Hygiene Journey 

      Hodgin, Kim A. (2017-10-09)
      Hand hygiene practice is considered to be the most effective strategy for patient safety. Engagement strategies involving all hospital staff are necessary to increase hand hygiene compliance for patient safety. It is ...
    • Health Promoting Knowledge and Behaviors among African-American Girls 

      Bartlett, Robin; Johnson, Amber; Randolph, Imani; McCoy, Thomas P. (2016-03-17)
      Session presented on Friday, July 24, 2015: Purpose: African Americans are at greater risk for morbidities and subsequent premature mortality than whites, despite efforts to reduce disease burden (Arias, Anderson, Kung, ...
    • Innovative Ideas for Generating Chapter Funds 

      Bartlett, Robin; Deal, Belinda; Teribury, Vicki Lynne; MacDonald, Denise (2012-11-29)
      Session presented on Thursday, September 20, 2012: There's more to fundraising than bake sales! Attend this chapter panel presentation to discover creative ways chapters are generating non-dues revenue.
    • An International Nursing Exchange: The North Carolina/Republic of Moldova Nursing Collaborative 

      O'Neal, Julie; Ivanov, Luba Louise (2017-09-26)
      Through an international nursing exchange of nurses between North Carolina and the Republic of Moldova, nurses collaborated to improve nursing practice, patient outcomes and enriched nursing education.
    • Mothers' interpretations of their children's behavior during mother-child interaction 

      Remsburg, Robin
      The purpose of this study was to gain understanding about mothers' motivations, intentions, and the meaning they ascribe to their children's behavior by exploring and describing mothers' interpretations of their children's ...
    • A Multipronged Approach to Improving ED Throughput 

      Stanfield, Laura; Johnson, Tiffany; Moyer, Greg; Hunt, Debbie (2017-04-13)
      Purpose: Improve ED Throughput by incorporating all members of the care team Method: Monthly ED Taskforce meetings to review metrics and develop innovative strategies for improvement Results/Outcomes: Decreased Overall ...
    • Navigating an Uncertain Journey of Pregnancy After Perinatal Loss 

      Moore, Sarah; Cote-Arsenault, Denise (2017-09-20)
      The metaphor of navigating an uncertain journey may improve care of pregnant women through greater understanding of the emotional, physical, and social challenges that women experience when they become pregnant again after ...
    • Nursing as a Manifestation of Love 

      Goldin, Marlienne (2017-07-27)
      What is it that drives nurses? Is it a love of humanity? If we believe that love is an essential ingredient in human existence, then demonstration of love in nursing practice is of critical importance.
    • Parents' Experiences of Continuing Pregnancy With a Lethal Fetal Diagnosis: Goal, Stages, Tasks of Pregnancy 

      Cote-Arsenault, Denise; Denney-Koelsch, Erin (2016-07-13)
      Session presented on Thursday, July 21, 2016: Purpose: The purpose of this study was to describe parent experiences in continuing pregnancy with a lethal fetal diagnosis. A secondary aim was to identify the revised ...

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