• Improving NCLEX-RN© Success: A Systematic Review of the Literature 

      Quinn, Brenna; Smolinski, Megan; Peters, Anya Bostian (2018-03-15)
      The purpose of this systematic review poster is to report interventions Schools of Nursing can implement in order to strengthen NCLEX-RN success for pre-licensure nursing students.
    • Knowledge of Metabolic Risk and Its Relationship to Psychiatric Practice in the United States 

      Knight, Margaret M.; Bolton, Paula; Kopeski, Lynne (2017-09-29)
      Metabolic Syndrome (MetS)is a significant problem for people with mental health problems. Medication and lifestyle factors increase their risk exponentially. Despite a good working knowledge of the risks of MetS in this ...
    • Pediatric student experiences in a school nursing clinical 

      Quinn, Brenna; McAuliffe, Diana
      School health clinicals allow students to interact with children with diversity in culture, socioeconomic status, access to care, ages, and abilities. This session describes experiences of nursing students in a pediatric ...
    • Teen Pregnancy: A Multi Method Community Evaluation 

      Koren, Ainat; Naugton, Krissy; Stanton, Jennifer (2014-11-17)
      Session presented on Friday, July 25, 2014: Purpose: Teen pregnancy is a complex issue, which attracted a great deal of attention from service providers, educators, and policy makers in recent years. Science-based teen ...
    • A trajectory of faculty perceptions of students with disabilities 

      Neal-Boylan, Leslie J.; Miller, Michelle
      An integrative literature review revealed that while some faculty perceptions of students with disabilities have evolved, there is still wide spread discrimination. Faculty continue to have misperceptions about the law and ...

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