• Effects of preoperative warming on hemodynamic changes before cataract surgery 

      Tanaka, Noriyoshi; Yuko, Ohno; Hori, Megumi; Kakeda, Takahiro; Tanaka, Yumi; Yamada, Ayako (2017-10-06)
      We assessed preoperative hemodynamic changes in patients receiving warming before cataract surgery and compared them with those who did not receive warming. Significant differences were found in the hemodynamic variability. ...
    • New technology for contactless heart rate, respiratory rate, and tidal volume monitoring 

      Tanaka, Noriyoshi; Tanaka, Yumi; Hayashi, Syozo; Takeda, Satomi; Hori, Megumi; Nakayama, Hiroshi; Kakeda, Takahiro
      Changes in heart and respiratory rates and tidal volume were detected using a noninvasive, noncontact biological information sensor in patients receiving general anesthesia. The results demonstrated that all measurements ...

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