• Emotional response of students to social isolation 

      Teasley, Teresa; Dykes, Michelle E.
      Classes are now virtual. Students have returned home, missing friends and finding studying difficult. Whether a graduate student or an undergrad, they are probably feeling anxious, sad and uncertain. This poster will ...
    • Is technological competency considered caring? 

      Dykes, Michelle E.; Teasley, Teresa
      As more BSN programs are incorporating a healthcare informatics course into their curricula, there has been noticeable feedback from students. Students do not understand the link between technological competence and caring. ...
    • Nursing + technology = awesome career choices! 

      Dykes, Michelle E.; Humphrey, Joy S.
      Poster presentation to answer questions that current and future nurses may have regarding the various roles available in nursing informatics and the health information technology field.
    • Using strategic partnerships to maximize critical thinking and creating collaborations 

      Humphrey, Joy S.; Dykes, Michelle E. (2017-10-05)
      Because of limited budgets and faculty shortage, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing has recommended the use of strategic partnerships between hospitals and nursing schools. These partnerships offer opportunities ...
    • You want me to do what? Strategies for addressing resistance in the flipped classroom 

      Dykes, Michelle E.; Humphrey, Joy S. (2017-10-11)
      As the flipped classroom gains popularity, some faculty and students have embraced this concept, others have met this new approach with various levels of resistance. This presentation will address reasons for faculty and ...

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