• Better together: Pressure injury prevalence and nursing professional development 

      Waldron, Mia K.; Johnson, Kara A.; Welch, Laura C.
      Monthly prevalence education and screening is preformed to address the necessity for active surveillance and identification of patients at-risk for pressure injuries (PI) among hospitalized children. Development of knowledge ...
    • Creating sustainability: A nurse-led skin program 

      Johnson, Kara A.; Welch, Laura C.
      Development of a nurse-led skin and wound program structured on education, prevention, and interprofessional collaboration, became the foundation for the development of the Skin Team. Outcomes included continued reduction ...
    • Development and evaluation of an adolescent and young adult healthcare transition program 

      Phillips, Leslie A. (2016-03-29)
      Session presented on Saturday, April 9, 2016, and Friday, April 8, 2016: The purpose of the practice improvement project is to develop an adolescent, young adult healthcare transition (AYAHT) program, develop training ...
    • Increasing patient safety and staff satisfaction when floating 

      Kelly, Julie; Derickson, Debra M.; Woodside, Craig
      Surveys revealed nurses dissatisfaction and potential gaps in care when floated to other units. Actions were taken to improve the experience of the floated nurses.
    • Optimizing skin integrity: One simple change for hospitalized children 

      Welch, Laura C.; Johnson, Kara A.; Allen, Pam A.; Hayes, Leia; Kramer, Nora K.; Hamilton, Sarah M.; Bissell, Bridget
      The quality improvement (QI) initiative "One Simple Change" (OSC) represents the application of knowledge and skills related to skin and wound management by unit-based skin teams (ST) to optimize patient outcomes. Two ...
    • Sip and paint: The art of well-being 

      Simmy, King; Myers, Kristi
      The complexity of the nurse’s work is challenging and has an impact on an individual’s emotional and physical health, impacting well-being. Arts programing for healthcare providers offers an opportunity for creativity and ...

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