• Advance the talk with advanced directives 

      Bickhaus, Ashley Marie; Henderson, Brittany; McCollum, Dusty; Thrower, Brittney
      This student senior project poster seeks to improve patient knowledge about advanced directives.
    • Alternative birthing positions 

      Mckay, Jordan; Ebers, Chloe; Gebheim, Amanda
      In laboring women delivery in the hospital, how does the lithotomy position compared to alternative birthing positions effect postpartum and/or neonatal trauma?
    • Alternative therapies for chronic pain 

      Brooks, Gabriele; Bodine, Erin; Moore, Madi; Wheelan, Lauren
      In patients experiencing chronic pain, what is the effect of alternative therapy compared to utilitizing only pharmacological interventions on pain control?
    • Animal-assisted therapy in health-care facilities 

      Disseler, Jenna; Milazzo, Haley; Moore, Abbey
      How does the use of animal-assisted therapy compared to the lack of animal-assisted therapy affect the psychological well being of all patients?
    • Attire for hire 

      Allison, Jessica; Arndt, Sydney; Sharpe, Carley
      This poster outlines a project to provide Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing and Health Sciences students with professional attire due to lack of resources.
    • Can we get your number? (Your blood glucose number) 

      Holloway, Marie; Goings, Jennifer; Olson, Jessica
      Providing nursing students glucometer training and access to obtain patient blood sugars (BS).  Students will obtain accrate BS checks and deliver insulin in a timely manner.
    • Caring cupboard II: Revamped 

      Boschert, Megan; Hardy, Andrew; Morford, Cameron
      The purpose of this project is the movement of Caring Cupboard (CC) to increase student use/decrease food insecurity.
    • Controlled labor pain and postpartum depression 

      Crane, Erin; Thomas, Precious
      The purpose of this project is to answer the question: In postpartum women, what is the effect of analgesics during labor versus no analgesics during labor and being diagnosed with postpartum depression?
    • Current participation and perceived value of continuing education 

      McReynolds, Susan
      The purpose of this study was to survey nurses in a rural Mid-Western city to explore what continuing education topics they find valuable; their beliefs about the importance of CE to their professional practice; where they ...
    • Current perspectives on the Gestalt of nursing curricula 

      Venvertloh, Brandi Lynne
      This research study aimed to investigate the current gestalt of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) curricula in the United States. Presently there is an emphasis in nursing education on the practice–education gap in ...
    • A dog a day keeps the stress away 

      Biessman, Gretchen; Arras, Hannah; Hubbert, Kaitlin; Dahl, Melissa
      Decrease stress in healthcare staff, increase staff satisfaction and retention at Blessing Hospital with implementation of Pet Therapy Program.
    • Educational strategies to enhance medication knowledge 

      Kite, Shelby; Obert, Katelyn; Powell, Cortney; Shaw, Abi
      The implementation of additional educational strategies to undergraduate nursing curriculum may contribute to more knowledgeable and safe graduating nurses, leading to less medication errors.
    • Effect of a hand hygiene compliance system 

      Horman, Charlotte; Hruska, Aleassa; King, Claudia; Leathers, Lori
      In critical care patients, how does tracking hand hygiene by using BioVigil as opposed to not tracking hand hygiene affect hospital acquired infrection rates?
    • Effect of CAM therapy in chemo therapy patients in comparison to Western medicine 

      Little, Zoey; Porterfield, Margaret; Rueter, Amalia
      The purpose of this project is to show that in chemotherapy patients, CAM therapies minimize the side effects of chemotherapy compared to Western medicine.
    • Effects of prone position 

      Hermann, Audrey; Hamilton, Payton; Zahn, Chelsea
      In COVID-19 patients, how does prone positioning compare to a posterior position affect oxygenation? P: Patients that were diagnosed with COVID-19 or Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. I: Mechanically ventilating ...
    • Efficacy of massage in the chronic pain population 

      Collier, Hannah; Hobbs, Amelia; McPherson, Maria
      How effectively is massage therapy used for chronic pain control in comparison to pharmacological measures? P- Pain control for individuals with chronic pain I- Message Therapy C- Pharmacological use O- Improved pain ...
    • Embarking in animal activities 

      Milazzo, Haley; Disseler, Jenna; Moore, Abbey; Todd, Kendra
      Reimplement the use of Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) at Blessing Hospital (BH) and raise awareness.
    • #EmpowerURself 

      Bakalyar, Jenny; Garcha, Supreet; Kramer, Sarah; Oboh, Patience
      This poster describes a project to create a co-op website for adolescents with sexual, mental, and physical health resources in Adams County, Illinois.
    • Exercise for the reduction of pain in adults & older adults with arthritis 

      Goings, Jennifer; Luther, Sarah; Smith, Sydney
      In adults and older adults with arthritis, how does exercise compared to no exercise affect chronic pain?
    • The female athlete triad 

      Anderson, Paige; Autry, Emilee; Vaughn, Emma
      Are female athletes who have developed the female athlete triad, compared to those without the female athlete triad, at more of a risk for developing injuries throughout their career?

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