• Better Together: Pressure Injury Prevalence and Nursing Professional Development 

      Waldron, Mia K.; Johnson, Kara A.; Welch, Laura C.
      Monthly prevalence education and screening is preformed to address the necessity for active surveillance and identification of patients at-risk for pressure injuries (PI) among hospitalized children. Development of knowledge ...
    • Creating Sustainability: A Nurse-Led Skin Program 

      Johnson, Kara A.; Welch, Laura C.
      Development of a nurse-led skin and wound program structured on education, prevention, and interprofessional collaboration, became the foundation for the development of the Skin Team. Outcomes included continued reduction ...
    • Optimizing Skin Integrity: One Simple Change for Hospitalized Children 

      Welch, Laura C.; Johnson, Kara A.; Allen, Pam A.; Hayes, Leia; Kramer, Nora K.; Hamilton, Sarah M.; Bissell, Bridget
      The quality improvement (QI) initiative "One Simple Change" (OSC) represents the application of knowledge and skills related to skin and wound management by unit-based skin teams (ST) to optimize patient outcomes. Two ...

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