• Improving student outcomes and NCLEX-RN success utilizing a mentoring program 

      Mailow, Tonia L.; Byers, Dina; Todd, Dana; Armstrong, Nancy; Thurmond, Janice; Ballard, Lori A.; Fowler, Anna
      Mentoring programs, combined with test-taking and remediation, have been shown to be an effective technique in improving student outcomes. A mentoring program was developed and implemented to foster a collaborative partnership ...
    • Perceptions of Incivility Among Operating Room (OR) Nurses 

      Armstrong, Nancy; Garth, Katy; Mailow, Tonia L.; Todd, Dana; Byers, Dina (2017-10-05)
      Workplace incivility has continued to grow in the profession of nursing. To date there is little research examining incivility among nurses who work in operating rooms. The purpose of this study is to examine the perception ...

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