• The Power of 3: Empowering Patients 

      Sanchez, Lynda M.; Cooknell, Lynn E. (2016-03-21)
      Session presented on Monday, November 9, 2015: Providing effective patient education is a vital part of caring for a patient (Bastable, 2008). Effective patient education empowers patients and families to assume more ...
    • Simulation and the Second Victim 

      Powers, Rebekah; Sanchez, Lynda M. (2017-12-01)
      A series of simulation scenarios that had the potential for practice errors to occur were developed and implemented with registered nurse residents. High risk procedures and reported medication errors were reviewed and ...
    • Successful Accreditation of a Practice Transition Program: Teamwork at Its Finest 

      Gonzales, Minerva; Fuselier, Aline; Sanchez, Lynda M.; Boswell, Carol; Hall, Michael
      The onboarding of new graduate nurses is a vital part of a successful healthcare environment.The Center for Advancing Professional Excellence Department at Midland Memorial Hospital recently gained accreditation through ...
    • Sustaining a healthy work environment during a global pandemic? A blueprint for success 

      Powers, Rebekah; Sanchez, Lynda M.; Castellano, Pamela; Fuselier, Aline
      A hospital used techniques, training, and communication tools already in place to help support perioperative nurses feel confident and competent when floating to other units in the hospital during the pandemic.
    • Using Simulation to Teach Nurse Residents About Healthy Work Environments 

      Powers, Rebekah; Sanchez, Lynda M.
      The presentation will discuss how simulation was used to expose new nurses to components of a healthy work environment. Simulation scenarios incorporating a just culture algorithm, nurse peer review process, and the ...

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