• Assess and Act: Tips to Retain At-Risk Members 

      Perkins, Laura
      This session will help your chapter identify those who are at-risk of becoming inactive members and what your chapter's leaders can do to change their mind!
    • Developing Future Leaders to Plan Your Chapter's Legacy 

      Perkins, Laura; Rogers, Katherine
      Identifying and developing your chapter's future leadership early on creates strong chapter leaders who are ready and eager to serve. Learn ways to ensure your chapter's legacy and future growth through strategic leadership ...
    • Six strategies for successful surveys 

      Perkins, Laura; Gerard, R. J.
      Surveys can be an easy way to identify members' needs to help your chapter provide relevant services and programs. Is your chapter asking the right questions?
    • Strategies and resources to increase your chapter's visibility 

      Perkins, Laura; Pickler, Noelle
      Do your members know how to find your chapter online? Do candidates know all that membership has to offer before they are invited? Attend this session to learn marketing, communication and promotional strategies to increase ...
    • Tips to Turn New Members Into Lifelong Members 

      Perkins, Laura
      Your chapter is likely to lose half of your new members after the first year! This session will discuss ways to turn the newly inducted into lifelong members.

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