• The Effect of Leadership and Staffing Adequacy on Nurse Coworker Incivility in Hospitals 

      Smith, Jessica G.; Morin, Karen H.; Lake, Eileen T. (2017-03-03)
      Session presented on Saturday, March 18, 2017: Objective: To determine whether nurse co-worker incivility is associated with modifiable features of the hospital nurse work environment, namely nurse staffing adequacy and ...
    • Emerging Educational Administrator Institute (EEAI): Outcomes from three cohorts 

      Sharts-Hopko, Nancy C.; Morin, Karen H.; Bell, Pegge; Thomas, Anne; Marfell, Julie A.
      The need to develop leaders in education is well established. While the EEAI, developed building on the success of other Sigma Leadership programs, has evolved since its inception, inspection of results revealed that ...
    • Ethical Issues in Nursing Education: A Scoping Review of the Literature 

      Morin, Karen H. (2017-09-18)
      Nurse educators frequently encounter ethical issues while interacting with students, peers, and other individuals. Earlier efforts related to ethical issues in nursing education indicate certain topics, such as unethical ...
    • Faculty Helping Students Be Successful in Doctoral Education 

      Morin, Karen H. (2018-04-18)
      Background: Increasingly, students are pursing either a research or practice doctorate in nursing. While programs of study may vary, students can encounter obstacles during their program of study that cause consternation ...
    • Launch of an Interdisciplinary Poverty Simulation 

      Delpier, Terry; Morin, Karen H.; Carlson, Karen L. (2016-03-21)
      Session presented on Saturday, November 7, 2015 and Sunday, November 8, 2015: Background: Poverty is a significant issue in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 2013 poverty rate was 14.5%, with a ...
    • A Leadership Journey: Growth and Development of a CNS Doctor of Nursing Practice Program 

      Iseler, Jackeline; Vollman, Kathleen; Morin, Karen H.
      Sigma's Emerging Educational Administrator Institute provided the administrative skills and formal mentorship to facilitate the development of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice program. The ...
    • Leadership: Critical in the Accreditation Process 

      Peltz, Caroline M.; Willey, Jeffrey A.; Morin, Karen H.
      Leadership skills from three overlapping models were instrumental in assessing and developing an evaluation plan for accreditation. Gaps exist in the knowledge and location of the appropriate evidence required for program ...
    • Making a mentoring match: Advancing the profession trough communication 

      Howard, Matthew S.; Alexandre, Margarett; Bartlett, Robin; Bond, Mary Lou; Davidson, Patricia Mary; Eviza, Kathleen Flores; Frandsen, Geralyn M.; Kulik, Carole Marie; Lai, Claudia Kam Yuk; Marshall, Lois Sarah; Morin, Karen H.; Slater, Larry Z.; Heitschmidt, Mary G. (2017-07-21)
      Purpose: The purpose of this project was to use technology to provide an avenue for nurses from different geographical backgrounds to stay connected and provide support in a way that has not been done before. A new web-based ...
    • MCH Leadership Development: A Retrospective, Comparative Cohort Study 

      Morin, Karen H.; Klopper, Hester C.; Van der Walt, Christa (2016-07-13)
      Session presented on Thursday, July 21, 2016: Background: Nurse Leaders have recognized the critical need for leadership development in nursing since the early 2000s. Consequently, health care institutions, professional ...
    • Mentoring and Coaching in Nursing: How Can You Make a Difference in the Profession? 

      Howard, Matthew S.; Alexandre, Margarett; Bartlett, Robin; Bond, Mary Lou; Davidson, Patricia Mary; Eviza, Kathleen Flores; Frandsen, Geralyn M.; Kulik, Carole Marie; Lai, Claudia Kam Yuk; Marshall, Lois Sarah; Morin, Karen H.; Slater, Larry Z. (2017-10-09)
      Learn about STTI's mentoring program that will provide a virtual avenue for nurses from different geographical backgrounds, across their career span and with diverse backgrounds and goals, to stay connected and provide support.
    • Nurse Educator Leadership Competencies: Instrument Development and Testing 

      Patterson, Barbara J.; Krouse, Anne Marie; Morin, Karen H.; Almaskari, Mohammed (2016-03-21)
      Session presented on Sunday, November 8, 2015: Leadership is an essential element of the role of the nurse educator. Many nurse faculty leaders find themselves in adminstrative positions in higher education with insufficient ...
    • Open education resources: What are they? How do we use them in nursing education? 

      Morin, Karen H.
      Increasingly students indicate they can no longer bear the cost burden of course textbooks. Open Education Resources (OERs) are an alternate delivery method that considers diverse learner needs. Learn more about OERs, the ...
    • Recruiting Staff Nurses as Research Participants: Lessons Learned 

      Morin, Karen H.; Wright, Ashley; Remynse, Marshe; Moyer, Donna; Grimm, Khristina (2017-09-15)
      This session highlights lessons learned when trying to recruit staff nurses on a mother-baby unit in a Magnet designated hospital as participants in focus groups.
    • The state of pilot studies in nursing education 

      Morin, Karen H.
      A pilot study, an important research strategy, can yield helpful information about proposed study procedures. However, published pilot studies often fail to highlight this information. This study, the first of a two-phase ...

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