• Influencing the Culture of Care: The Nursing Role 

      Baney, Brenda L.; McGhan, Gwen; Penrod, Janice (2012-01-04)
      (41st Biennial Convention) Operating as an organization or functional structure, specialty clinics serving patients at the end-of-life are inherent to a culture of care, a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices ...
    • Using Ethnography to Build Knowledge: Informal Caregivers Providing Care at the End-of-Life 

      McGhan, Gwen; Penrod, Janice; Baney, Brenda L. (2012-01-04)
      (41st Biennial Convention) Research into issues related to end-of-life care has grown exponentially over the past decade, yet the science under-girding practice remains under developed. Several national consensus panels ...

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