• Global and Local Strategies to Increase Nursing Educational Capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa 

      Blanshan, Sue A.; Maimbolwa, Margaret; Omoni, Grace M.; Smith, Barbara; Kauffman, Karen (2012-9-12)
      There is a critical shortage of nurses in the developing world with an average of only 11 nurse per 10,000 population. Efforts to increase the number of nurses are hampered in part because of a lack of facility, material, ...
    • Preventing Sharp Injuries Among Nurses and Midwives in Sub-Saharan Africa 

      Smith, Barbara; Blanshan, Sue A.; Zhu, Shijun; Maimbolwa, Margaret (2012-9-12)
      Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the risks of sharps (needlestick) injuries among nurses and midwives providing care to patients in Sub-Saharan Africa. Methods: An anonymous questionnaire was completed ...
    • The Use of Simulation for Pre-Service Education of Midwives in Zambia 

      Tyer-Viola, Lynda A.; Kardong-Edgren, Suzan; Maimbolwa, Margaret; Zulu, Beatrice (2012-01-04)
      (41st Biennial Convention) The largest health discrepancy in the world is maternal mortality with most deaths occurring around the labor and delivery and postpartum period. Sub-Saharan Africa shoulders most of the burden ...

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