• Asian Women's Leadership in Six Countries/Regions 

      Broome, Marion E.; Im, Eun-Ok; Inouye, Jillian; Kunaviktikul, Wipada; Lin, Chia-Chin; Oh, Eui Geum; Sakashita, Reiko; Wang, Hsiu-Hung
      To describe the leadership needs of emerging nursing leaders in six countries/regions (Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the U.S.) and to provide directions for future development of Asian Women's Leadership.
    • Changes in nursing and women's leadership across six countries 

      Im, Eun-Ok; Sakashita, Reiko; Oh, Eui Geum; Lin, Chia-Chin; Tsai, Hsiu-Min; Wang, Hsiu-Hung; Huang, Lian-Hua; Inouye, Jillian; Kunaviktikul, Wipada; Broome, Marion E.
      The Asian and Asian American Study Group for Nursing Leadership (AAANL) has made collaborative efforts to promote nursing leadership in Asian culture. The purpose of this presentation is to showcase one of the group's ...
    • International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame and Conversation with the Honorees, Session 1 

      Driscoll, Andrea; Gillespie, Brigid M.; Liaw, Jen-Jiuan; Lin, Chia-Chin; Loke, Alice Yuen
      Attendees will experience the opportunity to hear International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame honorees discuss their work and their research journeys. Session moderated by 2019-2021 President, Richard Ricciardi, PhD, CRNP, ...

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