• BSN graduates' perceptions of liberal education 

      Hermann, Mary; Jones, Barbara (2012-01-04)
      The purpose of the presentation is to inform the audience of the findings of this qualitative research study that explored the lived -experience of recent (BSN) graduates in a curriculum grounded in a liberal education. ...
    • Don't take away my spark : A humane approach in nursing education 

      Hermann, Mary; Jones, Barbara; Ness, Anastasia (2016-07-13)
      Session presented on Monday, July 25, 2016: Purpose: Given the intense demands of the 21st century, how can nursing educators construct a nursing curriculum that seeks to prepare competent, humanistic and globally educated ...
    • Igniting the soul through a global service-learning experience 

      Hermann, Mary; Jones, Barbara (2016-03-17)
      Session presented on Sunday, July 26, 2015: Purpose: How can the pedagogy of engagement in the human condition ignite the soul of a nursing student and foster exploration of issues such as culture, gender, sociopolitical ...

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