• Competent Older Adults' Preferences in Healthcare Decision Making 

      Ito, Misae; Ono, Satoko; Sakai, Mana; Kataoka, Eri; Hattori, Keiko; Murakami, Kyoko; Matsumoto, Keiko
      This study aimed to investigate the elderly patients' thoughts of family involvement and its harmony among family in health care decision making by semi-structured interviews. They perceived the relation of family until ...
    • Family Efficacy on Decision Making for Kin With Cancer in Terminal Stage: A Literature Review 

      Ito, Misae; Murakami, Kyoko; Ono, Satoko; Matsumoto, Keiko; Hattori, Keiko; Sato, Manami; Yamasaki, Arisa; Koresawa, Michiko; Shibata, Naomi (2017-10-05)
      The purpose of this paper was to clarify how family interact with kin with cancer in terminal stage for decision making and what kind of issues were involved through a review of the literatures.

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