• Grooming…It Is Not Activities of Daily Living! 

      Harder, Leslie (2017-12-01)
      <b>Background:</b> Grooming is a term that describes how a predator gains trust with children and their caregivers in order to gain access to sexually abuse a child. In collaboration with the protection program, ...
    • If You Build It, They Will Use It. Creating Task Trainers for Simulation 

      Harder, Leslie (2017-12-01)
      <b>Background:</b> There was an identified gap in recognizing the risk of harm from PIV infiltrations and extravasations and, to uncircumcised males pre, during, and post catheterization. This indicated a need ...
    • Why aren’t our nurses as diverse as our patients? 

      Harder, Leslie (2017-12-04)
      Background: The American Association of Colleges reported a “strong connection between a culturally diverse nursing workforce and the ability to provide quality, culturally competent patient care.” According ...

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