• Benefits, Barriers, and Self-Efficacy for Contraceptive Behavior in Women 

      Caudillo-Ortega, Lucia; Benavides-Torres, Raquel Alicia; Harrison, Tracie C. (2017-09-29)
      The inconsistent use of contraceptive methods in women is a reproductive health problem. It is associated with the high rates of unplanned pregnancies and negative consequences on women's health such as unsafe abortions, ...
    • Knowledge for STI/HIV and Risky Sexual Behaviors for HIV/AIDS 

      Arellano-Porras, Silvia Margarita; Lara, Liliana del Rocio Ceron; Tafolla-Sotelo, Dulce Maria; Caudillo-Ortega, Lucia; Flores-Arias, Luisa (2018-06-19)
      I will present the information dinamically and I support me with brochures about the information. This will allow to know the most important information that explain the content, and people could undestand better the presentation.
    • Youth-to-Youth Education: Learning From You to Live My Life Safely 

      Caudillo-Ortega, Lucia; Moreno-Pulido, Ma. Elvira; Montanez-Frausto, Maria Aurora; Ramos, Maria Teresa Hernandez; Mendez-Hernandez, Ma. del Carmen; Andrade, Ma. Teresa Pratz Sr. (2017-10-11)
      During the presentation brochures will be provided. In this brochure the most important information will be presented for the audience. This strategy will support the presentation and understanding.

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