• Cost Analysis of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) Intervention: A Nursing Perspective 

      Baba, David
      HAIs are infections suffered by clients while receiving treatment for health problems. The five U.S. major HAIs cost 9.8 billion between 2011 and 2013 (Zimlichman et al., 2013). HAIs represent a major threat to client ...
    • Innovative collaborative nurse educator team: Scaffolding for successful student outcomes 

      Gallegos, Belinda; Keesee, Lea; Clark, Rebecca; Morgan, Venisa R.; Gibson, Erin; Stansell, Priscilla; Baba, David; Howard, Christy T.; Winner, Marnette; Paris, Donna; Casaus, Deborah; Ochs, Nancy; Franco, Hollis; Guest, Heather; Alvarez, Stacie; Boothe, Amy L.
      Nursing faculty from a multi-site health sciences center describe their innovative, collaborative approaches to foster a positive work environment that cultivates and scaffolds student success, critical thinking skills, ...

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