• Exploring nurse managers' views about the practice of compassion in the US 

      Aagard, Magdeline C.
      Nurse leaders from the U.S. were surveyed regarding compassion. Data were analyzed for themes through content analysis revealing compassion is showing empathy, care and concern; create opportunities to listen to and interact ...
    • Teaching nursing leadership in Liberia 

      Aagard, Magdeline C. (2016-03-21)
      Session presented on Tuesday, November 10, 2015: Teaching nursing in a global context necessitates an understanding of the material being taught, as well as an understanding of the cultural context. Liberia's civil war ...
    • Transforming the nursing workforce through leadership growth 

      Aagard, Magdeline C. (2016-03-21)
      Session presented on Monday, November 9, 2015: Leadership is considered a critical attribute in the enhancement and transformation of the nursing workforce of Liberia. As part of this leadership transformation, the Master's ...

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