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  • Advancing Nursing and Midwifery Through Innovation and Leadership 

    Thompson, Patricia ()
    Advancing nursing and midwifery through innovation and leadership is critical to moving our profession forward, as well as increasing our ability to better address global health. This presentation will provide principles, ...
  • Of Kangaroos, Koalas, and Platypi 

    Thoms, Debra ()
    Australia has a relatively short European history with nursing coming to the colony in the 1800s. Since then the profession has gradually developed and changed in response to the environment within which nursing is practiced. ...
  • Developing Change Agents in an Ever-Evolving Healthcare Delivery System 

    Beatty, Dale ()
    The changing demands of our complex healthcare environment require the highest level of scientific knowledge and practice expertise to assure quality patient outcomes. This presentation will describe how DNP nurse leaders ...
  • Communicating Expectations: Development of an Abstract Reviewer Rubric 

    Howard, Matthew S.; Abel, Sarah E. (2018)
    The concept of peer review has been around form more than 300 years (Weller, 2001) and professional organizations have used peer reviewers to further their practices since the 18th century (Adler & Abraham, 2009; Kronick, ...
  • Telecollaboration: A Concept Analysis 

    August, Joanne L. (2018-07-03)

    With the continued growth of digital technologies and technological pedagogical knowledge, new opportunities for collaborative initiatives and their implementations are set in educational contexts. Therefore, there ...

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