• Evaluation of an initiative to increase rates of exclusive breastfeeding among rural Hispanic immigrant women 

    Pitcock, Naomi E.
    This project was a retrospective evaluation of the prenatal education component of a multi-component breastfeeding promotion intervention. The educational portion of this program, provided in Spanish using intercultural ...
  • Let's be practical now 

    McKay, Jordan; Price, Amber; Turner, Chloe
    Provide the opportunity for qualifying BRCN students to test for IL LPN state licensure after junior year to improve staffing ratios and patient outcomes.
  • In the know with Kaplan 

    Griesbaum, Emrielle; Baltimore, Alyssa; Churchwell, Carson; Parker, Lindsay; Patel, Dimple
    Provide awareness of Kaplan resources to BRCN students.
  • Fueling for success 

    Autry, Emilee; Anderson, Paige; Vaughn, Emma
    Female athletes at Quincy University (QU) lack education regarding the Female Athlete Triad (the Triad) and proper nutrition.
  • Shifting to bedside 

    Smith, Sydney; Ebers, Chloe; Lindsay, Janel; White, Haylee
    Improve patient centered care and accurate reproting by implementing bedside shift report on the Rehabilitation Unit (RU) at Blessing Hospital (BH) using a new computerized based parameter.
  • Can we get your number? (Your blood glucose number) 

    Holloway, Marie; Goings, Jennifer; Olson, Jessica
    Providing nursing students glucometer training and access to obtain patient blood sugars (BS).  Students will obtain accrate BS checks and deliver insulin in a timely manner.
  • Reducing nursing burnout to ash 

    Skees, Lacie; Job, Brooke; Weisinger, Blair
    Education and prevention of burnout syndrome (BOS), due to high percentage of novice nurses leaving field within first one to two years.
  • You narCAN save lives 

    Miller, Erin; Moore, Tanya; Daughtery, Abbigale; Shaffer, Brianne
    Allow Blessed Beginnings (BB) at Blessing Hospital (BH) the use and access of naloxone (Narcan) to be distributed and available to postpartum women at risk for opioid addiction.

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